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Prelude Farm and Kennel 613-382-1123

Gananoque Ontario 


Getting notes and emails from our puppy owners is one of the reasons that this passion continues over many many years. Knowing that every day you make a difference and a positive impact in someones life because of the breeding decisions we make. Most of our puppy sales come from someone meeting one of our dogs on the street or at a friends house and then being referred back to us. That is why we make sure that the right puppy goes to the right home. These are some of the notes from some of those who chose a Prelude/Bryden puppy.

Hi David, I don’t even have words to describe how cute our little puppy is! WOW! And he is such a good boy! He’s eaten twice, took his medicine, done his business outside, barely made a peep last night, follows us around the yard, and loves his squeaky toys. He also had a few visitors (of course everyone in the family wants to meet him!) and was playful and happy to meet new people. He had no issue being in the kennel last night but seems to prefer his little bed for naps when we are in the room with him. He already seems trained and we are all in love with him. Thank you again for everything, he is really all we could have hoped for in a puppy!


Hi David,

Now it’s our turn for a puppy update. Honu is doing fantastically- adapting well to his new home. He was great on the car ride home, he only cried for a couple of minutes and then promptly fell asleep for the remainder of the drive back to Toronto.

He has been confident exploring our home, he loves the backyard and is especially playful back there.

He didn’t seem overly interested in eating last night though he did eat from our hands. He gobbled down his breakfast this morning and dinner tonight and has had many pees and poops outside without issue!

Our first night with him was not too bad! He whimpered off and on for a couple of hours in the crate next to our bed but then settled and slept right until 7:30. He was the happiest pup in the morning and has been a joy all day.

He also had his wellness check with the vet this morning, and has a perfectly clean bill of health!

The vet was also very impressed with you as breeders; providing us with three options for insurance, the deworming medicine, and with the regimen of shots he’s already had. She took down your name and said she’ll definitely recommend Prelude based on our lovely experience.

Here are a few photos of Honu’s first car

ride and his first day home.

Thanks again for everything, and we’ll definitely reach out if we have any questions.

Alix & Jason

Best wishes always,


Good morning, David! It has been way too long since I let you know how often I think of you and Thom and my ever ongoing gratitude for having Zest. He continues to be the (almost) perfect dog. We were out playing Frisbee on Friday – a great day for it – a little wind, not too hot – and watching that sturdy body run around with so much delight returned so much joy to me. Without your help, I probably would have chosen another female, and oh, what I would have missed.

I recently hosted the knitting crowd for potluck and many met Zest for the first time. I had to watch when they left that he wasn’t being squirrelled off by one of them in their yarn bags, that’s how much he won their hearts. A total flirt actually.

Do take care now.